Mix and match any of the activities below into your own

MukiBooks are


Kids are curious and they might taste the books. That’s OK. All materials are safe and non-toxic.


It is essential for us to design activities that are both stimulating and approachable.


We create high-quality books to last for generations. That’s why we offer you a lifetime guarantee.


We assemble and ship your custom-made busy book in max. 48 h from order.

If you loose any small parts, just drop us a message and we will send you new ones.

My daughter is 2 and she loves this book. The activities here keep her focused and interested and are perfect for developing fine motor skills. I would definitely recommend mukibooks here.

Ana Gigovska

I love Mukibooks! They are beautifully crafted and sturdy (which is great for rambunctious kids). Each activity is different and can be arranged in a number of ways. I find them especially useful for road trips and train rides.

Bethany Marie Brown

The books were a total success. My niece ADORES hers. And my brother and sister in law are just beyond happy with it. They cannot believe how fast she is learning and trying things with it. My mother in law was really surprised as she did not know these books. Total success.

Veronique Peyrel

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