Mix and match any of the 20 activities into your 
Quiet Book or Travel Play Pack

MukiBooks are


Kids are curious and they might taste the books. That’s OK. All materials are safe and non-toxic.


It is essential for us to design activities that are both stimulating and approachable.


We create high-quality books to last for generations. That’s why we offer you a lifetime guarantee.


We assemble and ship your custom-made busy book in max. 48 h from order.

If you loose any small parts, just drop us a message and we will send you new ones.

The best present ever. My boy has picked this book when he was 15 months and since he is playing with it daily. The book is done from quality materials, it is pricey but definitely worth it. 
Magdalena Parajkova, Czechia

Our small one is only 2 months old and she is already attracted by the colours of the book, especially by the seasons. Now it is full with red flowers and green leaves and she spends minutes looking at it.
Laura Maria Andresan,  Romania

I love Mukibooks! They are beautifully crafted and sturdy. Each activity is different and can be arranged in a number of ways. I find them especially useful for road trips and train rides.
Bethany Marie Brown, Czechia

Took us a while to decide to buy this amazing baby book but it turns out it’s an amazing gift. Flying, cooking, showering got so much easier with this book now. Thank you for such an amazing piece of art.
Alina Floraru, Romania

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