All-In-One Preschooler – Quiet Book with 12 pages


Learning made fun. Your preschooler will find this book the perfect tool to practice and get creative with abilities he already has, while becoming confident to learn new ones.
This book contains: 12 pages + 1 Cover + 1 Bonus page


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This item: All-In-One Preschooler - Quiet Book with 12 pages Learning made fun. Your preschooler will find this book the perfect tool to practice and get creative with abilities he already has, while becoming confident to learn new ones. This book contains: 12 pages + 1 Cover + 1 Bonus page 94.0 
1 Rucksack with Rabbit
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Product Dimensions: 20×20 cm.

Set of Two: Hang Up Clothes and Dress the Doll (+24 months)
The Mukibooks bestseller for all ages and genders! Toddlers just love to thoroughly wash the clothes in the washing machine, hang them on the line, and then and dress the doll. What does she fancy wearing? A dress, skirt, or trousers with a blouse?

How do I feel today? (+6 months)
One of our favourite pages! Start early helping your child develop his emotional intelligence by recognising the basic emotions of other people and learning to name his own. We prepared eight representative images of people who are happy, upset, sick, sleepy, thoughtful, surprised, silly or crying, all waiting to be discovered behind the spinning circle.

Matching and Memory Game with Farm Animals (+6 months)
This memory and matching game develops the capacity to learn and retain information, improves concentration skills, all in a fun and catchy way.
It is a versatile game that can be adapted in several ways according to the age and abilities of your toddler. Initially, it can be used to simply put and take away the pieces attached by velcro from the mat. After age 1, it can be used to match the identical shapes together (there are three pairs of two identical animals), or as a classical memory game where you turn the squares facing down and the child has to remember where the two identical pieces have been placed.

Piggy with Wallet and Money (+18 months)
It is amazing how kids can intuitively do certain things, and this can be found with this page: taking money out of the upper pocket, putting it inside the pig, opening the zipper to take it out, and then starting the same process all over again! This activity focuses on the put-and-take away play, which is a favourite for one-to-two year olds, at the same time supporting the development of spacial awareness and manipulation skills.
Tips on how to use it in other games: take a simple metal box with a detachable lid and create a loop to put the money in. Your child will love it!

Set of Two: Pizza: Create and Eat with Plate and Cutlery (+ 24 months)
A great creative set of two pages for our small chefs who love to cook and explore ingredients. The pizza, made up of a four-piece detachable puzzle, is ready to get filled up with the tastiest of ingredients.
When the pizza is ready, just transfer it piece by piece onto the plate, and enjoy eating it with the included fork, knife and spoon. You can also have it as a take away, or include it in other games as all parts can be removed and put back together by the velcro. The plate and cutlery combination is a perfect tool for small ones who are learning how to set the table; enhancing their self confidence and sense of achievement.

Buckle the Belt (+24 months)
Learn how to get dressed by practising how to buckle up the belt of the trousers.

Set of Two: Changing Seasons Tree (+24 months)
This is a perfect opportunity for your toddler to start exploring the nature around him! Leaves, flowers and snowflakes can be put in the tree (attach by velcro) according to the seasons, exactly like they would in real life! The children learn about the changing of time, what seasons are and how nature works.

Set of Two: Tractor with Trailer and Magnetic Shapes (+24 months)
Place your own photo on the driver’s seat, spin the wheel of the tractor, load the magnetic shapes with the magnetic loader and place them back in the trailer. Repeat and have fun.


are a priority for us.

  • We take extra care to thoroughly sew (never glue) every piece of every book so that there is no danger of being removed by small kids.
  • Every material is free from toxic substances and is safe to be mouthed by the children
  • All products are tested in a certified toys laboratory according to the age recommendation


This toy should be used under the direct supervision of an adult. Please mind the recommendations for each age when giving this toy to your child.
This combination of activities contains 1 page which is not suitable for children under 36 months, as described above.

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