Start reading with your baby

Start reading with your baby

Reading to our babies is one of the nicest, most rewarding habits we can develop, helping us to nurture our bond with them and boost their language abilities.
Here are some ideas how you can start reading to them in the first year of life:

Birth to 4 months: Since an infant’s vision is still developing, show them images with high contrasts, can be books or just printouts Some babies will not be interested in black and white, and will prefer vibrant, still contrasting colours, like combinations of red, green and blue (here you can find free black and white cards to download).

3 months to 12 months: For this period, you have more options: board books with round edges, as sturdy as possible are great. They should be very simple, preferably with just 1 object per page, on a clear background. It can be animals, cars, nature, people, or any other things from their everyday life that they can relate to. Text is not necessary at this age, because you can describe them the images and they tend to focus less when you read than when you talk. Plastic books (the so called book for bath) are also a good option in this period.

The opposite of these are the books with a lot of small details and no text, the so-called discovery books. Babies and children love to discover every single detail in each page, which helps them concentrate for much longer than with other toys or books.

At this stage, don’t have any expectations regarding how much time they will spend on books, and don’t get discouraged if they don’t like your proposals. Try something else, or wait for 1-2 weeks and try again. Some will spend under 1 minute with the books, some even up to 9-10 minutes.  That’s ok, try to go with their rhythm and understand what they like.

At around 6 months you can already start offering them a Quiet Book. They will probably start with tasting it and that’s perfect, it is exactly how they want to discover the world at this age.

👉 Our Mukibooks are safe, non-toxic, and unbreakable, so they can safely explore them with their entire force.
👉 They are full of interesting things to explore: bright, contrasting colours, lots of textures and fabrics
👉 They learn what a book is by starting to flip the pages which is a real challenge at this age, improving their motor skills
👉 You can tell them a short story about what they see in the book (animals, sun, rain, water)
👉 👉 👉 They can use them for a longer time than any other book for babies because at some point, your baby will get to work: opening and closing zippers, sorting and matching, feeding the animals, closing belts, opening and closing the book.

See our suggested combinations for babies here or you create you own book here.

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